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Charlie Bonanno, Owner

Charlie Bonanno, Owner

My professional journey began at Fidelity Investments where I spent ten years until the beauty industry stole my heart and allowed me to make a complete career change. The one thing that drew me to the cosmetology world was the experience I had getting my haircut by my favorite stylist.

I loved the treatment I received from my stylist and the staff. The energy of the salon and the opportunity to constantly meet and see new people was captivating. I was inspired by the beauty and the fashion of everyone in the salon.

After 13 years of training with and working for others, I was ready to open my own salon. My major goals were to re-create the environment that I grew to love, and to work alongside amazing and talented people who shared my passion.

Shortly after opening the doors I knew I had attained those goals. The reviews and feedback we continue to receive, and the loyalty of the talented stylists I’ve had the honor of working with, are a testament to that commitment.  Our success has been acclaimed by many and we've been able to open other locations. West Glen is now the third XO Studio! Success is not attained by just one person but by the commitment and diligence of many.

I hope our salons allow you to live the same experience, and my wish is for you to love our salons as much as I do!!

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Your look needs to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Our expert stylists will sit down with you and get to know your needs.

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